when you went down under and couldn't get back up

when you went down under and couldn?t get back up


when the sun is so strong that you need to put sunscreen on for not going very far at all


when trying Japanese food for the first time


when you landed you saw a real Australian wearing a real aussie hat, and you thought that was a good welcome


when you had to stand in the line that said Other Passports


when going to trivia night at the pineapple, you were the only girl in the pub


when going to the dodgy old brothel turned to karaoke place, singing karaoke for the first time while drunk on Smirnoff and redbull that someone had smuggled in their back pocket


when watching AFL on TV and not realising until the next day that it was actually rugby


when you feel completely out of place


when going to Tasmania and the coldness of the wind reminds you so much of Sweden that you are home sick for the entire week


when your best friend is Dutch and share your sense of isolation


when you realise which type of coffee to order


when isolation means understanding but not agreeing


when Brisbane means chicken curry at the Myer centre, every time


when you have to tell people that you are not Australian


when you went back to Sweden for a visit and you were desperate for good king street thai


when you get annoyed at having to pay extra for insurance because you don?t get a rebate like everyone else


when voting means getting breakfast at the sausage sizzle and not voting at all


when you follow the election even though you didn?t even vote


when you saw mad max for the first time and got annoyed at Mel Gibsons fake sounding accent

Postat av: Sara

Det här var bra! Puss

2008-03-12 @ 18:02:31
URL: http://shook.blogg.se
Postat av: Malena

Jaaa! Kanon!

2008-03-14 @ 23:31:04

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